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Go-no-go decision making tool 

KS-APS is currently developing an online decision making tool to facilitate operational decision makers in humanitarian organizations consider whether or not to undertake humanitarian programming in high risk contexts. The so called “go-no-go decision making tool” applies online questionnaires to  absorb useful data from various agents within our client’s organization and processes the information to assess and highlight, through data visualization tools, our client’s potential and the proposed program’s design against various areas of focus that are to be considered such as:

  1. Criticality of needs addressed by the program

  2. Effectiveness of the intervention

  3. Ability to access

  4. Available capacity and resource

  5. Ability to manage risks


This way, the go-no-go decision making tool helps our client quickly identify gaps in their programming and think of solutions accordingly.


Status: May 2019 – Dec 2019


Online platform for the Agricultural sector value chains